Who would have thought that we’d be waiting on Monday morning like it’s Friday night? While we were so happy to sit back, relax and recuperate, there’s no denying that boredom did set in and we surprisingly started reminiscing about work as we prayed to reunite with our desks and colleagues. The utter shock!

As the pandemic kept us home, online shopping tripled and so did our wardrobes, hopefully, we weren’t on an impulse buying spree, purchasing pieces that we might not find useful in the long run. As more people begin to cautiously open up, more people are returning to the office either fully or intermittently. And with that comes the common anxiety of: “what do I wear to work today?”

Hence the need to curate back-to-work outfits that will help shorten how long it takes you to get dressed. Remember planning your looks helps make you feel…

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