When it comes to the art of fine tailoring, pants/trousers have certainly retained their unique stance as a wardrobe staple that can be reimagined to match contemporary demands in fashion. Pushing its limits further, the ankle-tie pants are gaining momentum right now and fast becoming the pant trend to beat. 

The ankle-tie trouser trend is quite a unique take on formal trousers and slacks, as it creatively cinches the ankle, a previously under-appreciated part of a woman’s body. It is achieved by adding a belt, drawstring, or elastic detail to the ankle portion of a pair of trousers. But style stars are also achieving the look by simply strapping over their shoes on their trousers. They definitely get A for effort in our books. 

Juliette Foxx satin ankle tie pants retro sunglasses stylerave
Juliette Foxx


Not only does the unconventional detail / styling trick––depending on how you wear it, revamp the idea of…

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