In a world of instant gratification, we often need an off-the-counter meal because we have a super busy schedule, and really, who still fries chips at home, right? But we forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body and what we eat directly affects it either in a good or bad way.

It’s true that you’re what you eat and it’s also true that there’re some foods that cause acne, so it’s necessary to always take extra attention to what you eat. While a good skincare routine is the most popular arsenal for battling acne, aka pimples, an equally effective method is watching your diet. As your skincare routine fights acne outwardly, your diet counters it from the inside, which is good teamwork if ever there was one.

Photo: Cottonbro | pexels

A substantial percentage of people with acne notice a connection between their diet and acne breakouts. Continue Reading to the Source


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