Now you have grown your beards, what next? Maintaining any type of hair requires dedication and your beards are no different. While you may have let your facial hair grow out in a bid to join the #beardedmen movement, it doesn’t end there. A gentleman certainly understands the importance of beard grooming and how failure to do so makes you look unkempt. Luckily, we’ll be sharing some super easy tips for beard grooming to get you started.

Besides the famed coconut oil, there are also a handful of products and tools that help to keep your mane in the best possible form. Of course, a regular trim at your barber’s is important, and for that reason, it doesn’t make this list. (Come on, you don’t need a curation to remind you to faithfully get a trimmed). Rather, we’ll be spotlighting some beard products every man should invest in to help you manage…

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