o, you’ve decided to take your next vacation? Congratulations, you deserve it! It’s almost time for you to kick back and relax, but there are a few things you should do first. No, this isn’t about you forgetting to pack your favorite white flowing dress or making sure you’ve completed all the million and one pre-travel to-dos; you’ve got that covered! The real question is, have you given much thought to getting some pre-holiday beauty treatments before your trip?

Whether you’re counting down the days until Christmas, planning a special trip like a honeymoon, or just getting away for the weekend, these five beauty treatments will ensure you look your best at the pool, beach, desert safari, and wherever else your travels might take you.

Check out 5 must-do pre-holiday beauty treatments to endulge in…

#1. A lash lift (LVL Lashes)


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