s trend gives way to trend, we think the put together look of the 50s gave way to a quirkier, fun, and more adventurous 60s woman. The 60s fashion was fitting its time where women went unconventional and were fed up with being told how best to dress to be considered “a lady” by society and magazines. The hemlines got shorter and patterns mismatched. It was a period of unapologetic fashion rebellion.

This 2021 and the preceding decade posses an overall eclectic style–infusing trends from different decades and giving them a chic twist. It’s really beautiful to be part of such a time as this. Some pieces from the 60s style have made it to the runways this season and as before, have once again added color and spice to our wardrobes.

Incorporate these 60s trends into your wardrobe for that stylish vintage touch…

1. 60s fashion X mini skirts


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