Every once in a while, we notice dry skin on our faces or other parts of our body appearing scaly; then, we ring the alarm. Relax! Dry skin is more common than you think and could happen to anyone but what’s for sure is it doesn’t have to remain that way. 

Dry skin could be caused by a wide range of underlying issues, from the weather to aging. But it is definitely not a death sentence or a necessary evil. By being more conscious of what you wear, what you consume, and what you apply to your skin, dry skin can totally be kept at bay. We have compiled seven home remedies for dry skin

Keep dry skin docile with these easy tips…

#1. Exfoliate

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When you have dry skin, your skin will often appear scaly and/or itchy. Exfoliating helps to scrub and remove dead skin cells giving way to newer, brighter skin. As helpful as exfoliating can…

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