“How could he do this to me? I thought we were actually in love?”. These are the unending thoughts that cloud her head as she hurriedly digs into her fourth beef burger in less than an hour. “When it’s all said and done, food is bae, food will never leave you”, she mumbles as she sips on her giant bottle of soda. This might be the case of some individuals who have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder. While some can easily pinpoint the triggers, others might have to dig deeper to detect its root cause. 

There’s a belief that binge eating is a lifestyle choice, but that’s untrue. This is because binge eating isn’t that occasional over feeding at a wedding or random cravings. It’s an eating disorder that oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with depression. While the main cause of binge eating disorder isn’t always known, it can be treated…

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