ne morning we’re fanning the flames of that charcoal stove in preparation for the yummy jollof rice, and the next thing we’re scurrying around the beauty aisle looking for charcoal to meet one beauty need or the other. Amazing right?

The irony of how dear ol’ messy charcoal–which our mothers scolded us for picking up and dirtying our clothes–has become something essential in our beauty regimen is beyond surprising. But hey, it works and you might have to consider jumping on this healthy bandwagon.

Activated charcoal is made from coal (of course you know you already know that) but has been exposed to high temperature and activating agents, and sometimes gas to expand its surface area. Simply put, activated charcoal is plain charcoal worked on to be used medically. Otherwise, you can think of it as charcoal on steroids. It was used to treat…

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