In her latest interview in 2021, Sharon Stone reveals to WSJ. Magazine that she loves to sleep. The actor and author, 63, who lives in Los Angeles, wakes up at the last possible minute ahead of her first meetings and obligations. According to the superstar, she makes her bed, takes a quick shower and throws on a bit of makeup. She’s usually figured out what she’s going to wear the night before. Then it’s right to her home office or car, and the day begins—and no two are the same. “Nothing is set in my world,” she says of having a schedule that changes daily. “I usually bring my meditation ball and throw it in my bag, and just kind of do everything where there’s a space.” 

A True Artist: Film, Music, Writing and Painting

Though she’s best known for her iconic roles in 1990s blockbusters movies like alluring murderer Catherine Tramell in…

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