If there’s one thing that stands out with ease in the fashion industry, it’s creativity that shines through with class. Effortlessly showcasing this, adire textiles continue to revamp conventional standards of fashion in colorful ways. The traditional tie and dye fabric does this by taking basic fashion staples and transforming them into simply opulent pieces. 

With its African roots originating from the creative history of Yoruba women in southwestern Nigeria, the exquisite fabric continues to soar. However, the adire fabric is one of a few fabrics that have maintained their essence over time. Growing from its regal indigo foundation, a variety of tinges, designs and textures have been produced over time. 

Paying homage to such tradition and versatility, Nigerian fashion brands like Matopeda by Tope Abiola king and Tolu Bally’s 2207bytbally have…

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