Something many models of color have in common is their success story. From the hardship they faced as kids, to being bullied, poverty and for immigrants, the struggle to survive. This is an origin story supermodel Adut Akech Bior is all too familiar with as she opens up to Lebanese Youtuber, Anas Bukhash on his show, ‘abtalks.’

The Interview starts in a classic way — with Anas Bukhash asking Adut Akech how she’s really doing. Just like most people, she replies that she’s pushing through whatever life is throwing her way while being thankful she’s alive.

Photo | Instagram: Adut Akech

Adut describes her childhood as a rollercoaster filled with fun, scary and sad days. This is owing to her experiences as a refugee in a camp in Kenya and the struggles she and her family had to go through in a bid to survive. The model reveals that though she…

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