Lip balms are a lifesaver! However, there comes a time when applying lip balm to your lips is no longer enough as your lips are begging to be exfoliated. That’s where lip scrubs come in. They take off dead skin cells, restore the smoothness, softness, and suppleness of your lips, and not forgetting the fact that they are easy and cheap to make if you want to DIY.

Seeing as we are gradually moving into months with drier weather conditions, the need for lip scrubs will be on the rise, and knowing you can DIY one in no time is a blessing. No one wants to walk around with lips that are chapped, flaky, and dry.

Even though you can whip up the perfect lip scrub with ingredients that you’ll easily find in your kitchen cabinet, it is still very important to know what ingredients are safe to use. It is advisable not to use fragrances, colorings, and essential…

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