Last week, African women sprung up across the continent looking astonishing in fashion takes that we fell in love with! They showed up in elegant, edgy and ‘boyish‘ ensembles that fearlessly showcased their personalities and individual styles. From scarlet reds to fuchsia pink, three-piece pant suit, to rich embroidered dresses, our best dressed African stars showed us that there’s beauty in diversity and individuality.

As expected, once the gates of ‘outside’ flung open and life gradually shifted back to normalcy, events showed back on the scene and gave us (and our ever stylish stars) a much needed reason to dress up. All of a sudden, we went from at-home lounge wear and couldn’t-be-bothered demeanor to full-on Barbie doll status. The glow up, shimmer and shine our feeds witnessed last week was indeed very pleasing to behold.


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