On Friday, the 11th of June, many avid gamers around the world were tuned in for one huge event, ‘The Future of Gaming Show’, a live stream event that revealed the new PS5 console as well as some games and the graphic display to be expected. The initial release, expected on the 4th of June was moved forward to stand in solidarity with Blacks all over the world who were protesting racial injustice.

The PS5 is a slender console that stands tall and sleek on a disc shaped stand which is flexible and can have the console in a horizontal position also. Coming as a surprise to many was the reveal of two different models. Both models boast of the same specs except that one of them – called the PS5 Digital Edition, does not feature a 4k Blu-ray disk drive.

PS5 Digital Edition
Horizontal positioning

The lack of this feature gives the console a sleeker look and…

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