Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman covers WSJ Magazine’s Fall Women’s Fashion Issue! The striking cover and accompanying images were photographed by Cass Bird, with styling by Jason Bolden. In the cover profile, written by Clover Hope, Gorman opens up about her insecurities, her belief in the power of words to power a movement, and her ultimate goal of being POTUS!

The 23-year-old believes in the political power of verse and she’s leaning into her literary talents. “I realized I don’t have to change who I am to be a leader.” The poem she wrote for President Joe Biden’s inauguration, “The Hill We Climb,” wasn’t just the one that stuck; it instantly made Gorman into a cultural, political phenomenon. The final three lines alone served as an exhortation for a traumatized nation: “For there is always light / if only we’re brave enough to see…

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