We all have fears. I have mine. I certainly do. I have a fear of fast-moving cars. I do not like to sit in cars that are too fast. I do not like to drive fast. I have a fear of driving on huge highways, and I happen to live in a city that has many of those. Atlanta houses highways with up to eight lanes! Lucky me! (with a tone of sarcasm). Overcoming fear story.

I also have a fear of heights—I really do. You’ll find me sitting on a plane, but you will not see me jump off a plane anytime soon. Actually, I’m not a “never person,” but I think I can confidently say you will never see me jumping from any height from a plane—or a cliff into the water. I won’t even hike up mountains. It’s not my thing. I do not like heights, period. Nor do I like caves or depths—I will not be deep-sea diving anytime soon! Count me out of those.

I derive my…

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