Timeless elegance is the proof in the beauty pudding. This is because it takes real taste to create a look that’ll be as relevant in 10 years as it is today. While beauty trends certainly come and go, beauty in itself is supremely eternal thus, why it’s necessary to opt for face beats that work with your beauty and not against it. Black women undoubtedly got the memo last week as they took turns to showcase beauty looks that worked with their natural allure in delightful ways.  Yes, these beauty looks inspiration are it!

The Looks

The subtle makeup trend was a hard hitter last week and digital creator, Acacia McBride, served the look to the T. She chose to play up her eyes with a tinge of pink shadow that graced the outer V corners of her eyes, while a dust of darker shadow lay silently on her crease. Believe it or not, this dusted shadow eyes is the…

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