ummer seems to be everyone’s favorite season, undeniably because of the warmth it brings. We get to sit sun-kissed by the beach in our favorite bikini sipping a cocktail and appreciating the entire ambiance of it all. While this is the perfect scenario, if you have sensitive skin this might leave you second-guessing everything.

Let nothing rain on your parade, not even a dainty skin. Girl, it’s 2021 and right now, there’re a thousand and one skincare products and beauty tips for sensitive skin types that would help boost your hot girl summer mood. In order words, you are well armed to have a great summer experience regardless of your sensitive skin type.

These beauty tips for sensitive skin types are just right for the season…

#1. Sun time shouldn’t take forever

Photo: Rebeca Gonçalves / Pexels

Yes, you’re all packed on SPF and sunshades and…

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