he love-hate relationship with your period is one thing every woman can relate with. As annoying, discomforting, and (sometimes) painful as periods can be, we get scared every time they are late, unless of course you are trying to have a baby. Periods are like that annoying lover you just can’t live without.

As you wonder why your period might be late, there are two likely emotions you could feel: 1). Excitement. 2). Fear. Most women–regardless of age, location, race, and marital status–fall into the second category. Shockingly, we are more often trying not to get pregnant than we are looking to have a baby. 

Having said that, there are different reasons other than pregnancy why your period might be late. So, before you get your hopes high or low (as the case may be), you should want to ease off a bit to pinpoint the issue. Also, getting a…

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