Oh, the sweet 2000s. The era of binging on dance movies like You Got Served and stepping to Bizzy Body by P-Square. The funky fashion trends, R&B songs that kept us in our feelings, and of course, the iconic 2000s hairstyles that meant you were poppin’!

Do you ever look at your pictures from that time with satisfaction at yourself and crew for being such hotties by serving up the curls and colors in undiluted 2000s swag? The courageous hair dyes (I’m so guilty), waves, and all that hair gel (thank goodness we have edge control now).

The most raved about fashion and beauty moments undoubtedly happened in the 2000s and perhaps, we are still stuck on it (maybe it’s the hair gel). If you have ever anticipated a comeback, we’re glad to tell you that many of the hairstyles we loved are indeed back as though they never left.

Here are 5 iconic 2000s…

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