Some days you have your hair in a messy bun with sweatpants and a slacked T-shirt, and other days you’re slaying in a red power suit set with pointed-toe pumps and the confidence of ten people. It’s possible to rise above this epileptic style pattern and look classy every single time.

Ideally, this shouldn’t be something you lose sleep over but we live in a world where you are addressed how you are dressed and we can’t say we have not been guilty of this at any point in time. Knowing that you could most likely bump into your ex or be stopped at a police checkpoint on a day you decide to dress up in that faded jeans and stained T-shirt should urge you to want to look classy every single time.

As much as what you wear doesn’t always mirror who you are on the inside, it sure does affect how people treat you and is a huge determinant to whether…

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