Beauty trends are evolving faster than many can catch up, and while you don’t have to follow every trend that shows up, some trends are very beneficial and wouldn’t hurt adapting. One of such is the tamed brows. Gone are the days when you had to needlessly wrestle your eyebrows to keep them in check all day. With this new trend, all you have to do is apply a few things to your brows and you’re set for the day. Yup, it’s as easy as that!

Regardless of whether you like to leave your brows thick and in their natural state, or you do some trims here and there, the tamed brows trend will work for you. Celebrities like–Serena Williams–who is also famous for her full brows almost as she is for her tennis skills has also hopped on this trend. Don’t be the only one left out.

Check out this guide to achieving tamed eyebrows like a real pro…

#1. Trim…

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