Concealers are one makeup staple every beauty enthusiast can’t do without. From making the brows pop, to getting that highlighted face, these secret weapon are the answer to nailing any look. But with millions of options available for different skin types, and each promising to fulfill a different purpose, how can you tell which concealer is prefect for your skin type, especially oily skin? Concealers for oily skin.

When it comes to picking a good concealer for oily skin, it’s definitely a challenge as oily skin can be tough to deal with. You apply your favorite blemish-hiding formula, followed by a dust powder, and you’re on your way. Everything looks perfect but a few hours later, you decide to have a glimpse of your reflection in a mirror only to see your face is all shiny. And no, not the shiny glow from highlighters, but an oily skin going on a…

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