Bantu knots are a traditional African hairstyle that has been around for centuries and has been reinvented over the decades. The iconic hairstyle is said to have originated with the Zulu tribes of South Africa but has become very popular today with all women of African heritage across the world.

According to NaturallyCurly Branded Content Editor Gerilyn Hayes, “Bantu knots are also known as Zulu knots because the Zulu people, a Bantu ethnic group, are the originators of the look we love and wear today.”

The Bantu knots hairstyle is so chic, timeless, and cool that since American celebrities discovered it, it’s remained the look to rock for an effortless standout look. It is traditional, edgy, and sexy and it really doesn’t get more versatile than that for a hairstyle.


How to do Bantu knots

Being a protective do, Bantu knots is one that helps…

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