To be honest, I believe that summer date night outfits are cuter than winter date outfits. Being able to get dressed and not worry about freezing the whole time is one of the perks of dressing up during summer. Plus, if you are going out for the first time in a long while, we are sure you’re pretty excited to wear something chic.

Usually, the puzzle starts days in advance when you think about what to wear: the burgundy dress, the tweed pants, the sheer jumpsuit…whatever could be right? Knowing what outfit to wear for your date night this summer is vital. This is because you don’t want to show up in the wrong outfit for the season and risk looking like a fish out of water.

Photo: @tiamarianelson | Instagram

Of course, when choosing an outfit the key dates of your rendezvous play a central role. For example, an evening picnic together could require a…

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