t’s another Saturday, and like most people, you probably spend the day organizing your food for the whole week. Special fried rice and chicken, spaghetti bolognaise and chicken, sea food okra and chicken, fufu, oha soup and chicken. Isn’t it interesting how chicken is a regular in every meal? God bless those two-legged deliciousness.

Chicken is one of the foods we can flip on different sides and still come out with something fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous). There’s always an opportunity for chicken to spice up breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between snacking. Perhaps, you’re super busy but would still love to fix dinner for the family without having to spend all the time in the kitchen. As a result, we’ve curated this yummy list of mouth-watering chicken recipes for you to savor. 

Check out 5 flavorsome chicken recipe ideas to try at…

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