Last week, it seemed as though there was an unspoken style code for athleisure wear as male celebrities across Africa hit us with some of their best sporty looks––and we were definitely inspired.


Sporty looks are both easy and difficult to pull off, because, while they are casual and laid-back by nature, the wrong shoes or poor color-coordination can easily leave you looking like a clown. Thank goodness, the men on this list were anything but clownish in their style deliveries.

Tanzanian pop star Juma Jux look jet-day ready in his tan travel wear. He paired a beige t-shirt with a pair of tan pants. For footwear wear, he chose a pair of white Alexander McQueen x Addidas sneakers as he further accessorized with a scarf which he tied like a babushka, and a brown duffel bag. The scarf threw us off quite a bit but convinced us that Juma Jax is ready to…

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