Meet Didi Olomide, better known as Didi Stone. She is part of a new generation of influencers whose love for fashion supersedes anything that we’ve seen before. The daughter of popular Congolese Soukous artist, Koffi Olomide, Didi plays by her own rules when it comes to fashion and the result is a predictable yet authentic take on style.

The Paris-based style aficionado believes less is more yet it’s obvious that she’s decided to dock her style boat in the high fashion pier. When it comes to her style, the gorgeous muse opts for looks that are simple, chic, and luxurious. A lover of monochrome styling, Didi Olomide has solidly mastered how to murder an all-black look and her latest take proves this.

Photo: Instagram | @olomidedidi

The Fenty look features a backless tailored satin jacket paired with Fenty’s XLong wide satin pants. The jacket…

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