W hile it seems like the rave at the moment is all about skincare, we beg to differ. Hair care is also at the forefront as women around the world are taking some time to show their tresses some love. Good thing today is Friday! This means that you can spend a few hours over the weekend tending to your hair, because gurrl, do they play an important role in elevating your look! Equally interesting is that you don’t have to break the bank to do this ‘cuz with a few all-natural ingredients, you’re in good shape.

DIY hair masks are a favorite of many hair care aficionados. This is because most people already have the ingredients lying round in their kitchens and it’s so easy to whip up together. Plus you get done in no time. So, before dashing out this weekend for your errands, spend a few minutes treating your hair to something special using DIY hair…

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