One question I used to get a lot is this: “Dr. Iyabo, how can you talk about happiness when you’re not married!?” I recently got married in April 2020 after ten years of being divorced. Unmarried and happy woman. Unhappy marriage.

I had a book signing event (for my book ‘Permanent Happiness’) in April of 2018 (I was in a relationship then, but not engaged yet), at a bookstore in Atlanta. There were roughly 50 people in the audience. I had been reading snippets from my book for a while, and then I opened the floor to questions.

I was having a good time at this signing… my biggest audience so far, compared to the other signing events I’d had that Spring. My daughter had serenaded us with her singing at the beginning, and the questions had been enlightening, when… boom! A lady in the audience, who I’ll call a friend, dropped the explosive…

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