We cannot eradicate hate, but we can eradicate stereotypes by doing our own part in society. The hate of others, and the consequences of hate, seems to be getting more and more rampant today. Hate is everywhere we look—in our family and work colleagues’ lives, our friends’ lives and on the news, radio, and the internet, and so forth. We have experienced it too, and so have our children.

Growing up in Nigeria, I did not really know what stereotypes were. Everyone around me was black. There were a few Indians here and there, a few Caucasians, a few Middle Easterners, and some mixed race. But still, I did not really know of stereotypes. I guess I was still young and naive, but being around people who looked like me did not call for stereotypic beliefs per se. How to eradicate stereotypes.

Dr. Iyabo

I was aware of some tribal differences and unrest going…

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