It is with good reason that face masks, which have become a daily must-have safety wear has bowing to it for our own life preservation. Right now, the stylish twist to face masks is shutting down Instagram. of course, not literally. If you’re still wondering what this new face mask trend is then maybe you should refresh your feed or you’re simply following the wrong style influencers. Enough of the banter, face mask chains are having a major moment rn and we don’t see why not. 

Who would have thought that 2020 would come with a new relatable struggle? Remember all the times you had to push your face mask strap back in place as it threatens to reduce your glam? Yes, that’s the struggle I’m referring to.

How does a face mask chain work?

This safety gear doubles as a piece of jewelry and a face mask holder. You can place the chain behind your next…

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