Pierre Cardin, the French designer whose famous name carved innumerable consumer products after his iconic Space Age styles shot him into the fashion stratosphere in the 1960s is dead. He died at a hospital in Neuilly, France on Tuesday, December 29. He was 98.

The Fine Arts Academy announced his death in a tweet on Tuesday. He had been among its illustrious members since 1992. The academy did not give a cause of death or say where or when Cardin died.

Photo: AFP

Pierre Cardin was known for his wildly inventive artistic mind tempered by a stiff dose of business sense. He had no problem acknowledging that he earned more from a necktie than from an haute-couture gown with a six-figure price tag. “I earn more from the sale of a necktie than from the sale of a million-franc dress. It’s counterintuitive, but the accounts prove it. In the end, it’s all…

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