Thanks to pop culture, we have erroneously viewed the wedding as a woman’s special day. As though the one whom she marries isn’t as excited as she is about the wedding.  This isn’t true and the wedding day is a special to the groom as it is to the bride.

However, more often than not, the bride fashionably outshines the groom. While we are totally okay with that, the wedding day is also the best day of the groom’s life, and he deserves to look his absolute best! Even grooms worry about what to wear for their big day. This is why we have put together some fashion rules that will take your special day away from tacky to glamorous!

Let these rules guide you on what to wear as a groom…


#1. Match the formality of your wedding

Photo: Bella Naija Weddings | Instagram

When picking what to wear, ensure it matches the theme of your wedding. Is it a…

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