Every new year, there are endless lists of new year resolutions, particularly geared towards finance and 2021 was no different. But how can you make and stick to your financial resolutions in a pandemic-stricken world? 2020 ushered in a new financial order, and 2021, the year after, still feels its impact. The global economic crisis dug deep into our pockets, and even the lavish reached a certain financial epiphany. Thankfully, tech experts have swung into action and there have been quite a number of free budgeting apps circulating cyberspace to help track your finances.

For most of us, the word “budgeting” feels like spiders in a dark room—creepy. It’s not easy accounting for every penny you receive (and spend) just because it feels better to be non-accountable. This is where budgeting apps come on the scene and many a financial lives they have…

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