rance has always been of tremendous interest to me. I find the food, accent, fashion, and the entire Je ne sais quoi absolutely irresistible. When it comes to fashion, the French have been a recognized player for decades, and still counting, and for a fashion girl like myself, it is easy to get lost in the birthland of Coco Chanel and Haute Couture. The French girl outfit is a graceful display of elegance, timelessness, and class. More than enough to send any style connoisseur to fashion heaven. 

For an average La Parisienne, dressed down really means dressed down, however, this doesn’t mean there’s no room for the edgy fashion. By throwing on a hat or a sudden pop of color, a certain effortless edge can be birthed in even the most subtle outfits. Consequently, a French girl’s wardrobe is bursting with classics–think dresses, denim, structured…

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