ost of us have had to pass on waving that good friend goodbye, especially in public because we really don’t want to reveal that unpleasant deodorant-created map leading to nowhere. Blame it on the fabric or weather, one thing is sure: deodorant stains are not a pleasure sight to behold. Equally unpleasable is the over-consciousness that stalks you all day for fear of revealing your deodorant map to everyone. Bummer!

After ruining our favorite dark colored clothes, you’re probably starting to wonder if using deodorants might be really worth it. A perfect scenario of choosing between the devil (body odor) or the deep blue sea (deodorant stains). This might be a bit of an exaggeration but certainly, no one wants deodorant stains. Not now, not ever.

What are the factors to consider?

To get rid of deodorant stains, you need to put into consideration the…

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