Born on October 15, 1938 Fela A‌nikulapo Kuti was a legendary Nigerian musician and political activist who became popular for pioneering the Afrobeat music genre that the world is now vibing to.

In 1958, Fela left Lagos for London, where he was sent to study medicine, he would ultimately switch majors and take on Music at Trinity College of Music. The late ’50s and early ’60s would become the formative years of his music career. In 1967, Fela left Lagos for Ghana in search of a new musical direction. It was there he first called his music Afrobeat––a blend of traditional Yoruba and Afro-Cuban music with funk and jazz. The sound also featured elements of highlife, salsa and calypso.

At the time, Fela’s sound seemed too eclectic and harder to relate to but with each passing day, the world is finally coming up to speed with his music and the deep…

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