Naturally, as humans, we don’t just want to appear nice but also smell nice. But how come when we sweat, it is sometimes accompanied with an unpleasant odor, especially since research as proven that sweat is odorless? Good question. In this article, we will be covering four of the most common factors that make your sweat stink to enable you decipher an issue and correct accordingly.

The smell you sometimes pick from your sweat is caused by bacteria build up on a sweaty skin which then breaks down proteins and fatty acids, hence, triggering a smell. Do you know that what you eat and wear can also be a determining factor as to why your sweat stinks?

Check out 4 things that make your sweat smell unpleasantly…

1. Excessive alcohol intake

Photo: Polina Tankilevitch | Pexels

Excessive drinkers oftentimes try to cover up their odor with breath mints, but…

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