ouldn’t it be great to go from “no, not another Monday“, to “cheers to the inspiring Monday“? It would, for a change. It’s not fallacious to reduce the throat-choking feeling of work by doing what you actually love, but there will still be times when work feels like work no matter what. This is especially true when your phone’s bursting with unattended emails, unmet targets, and you are sleep deprived. Even if you were Celine Dion or Michael Jackson, you’d also want to trade in music for a well deserved sleep when you’re overworked.

Nevertheless, there are effective yet easy ways to actually start liking Mondays and we’re certain it’s not as hard as you think.

Check out 5 easy ways to actually start liking Mondays… 

#1. Start with the mindset

Photo: Diego PH | Unsplash

You can program yourself into believing whatsoever you want….

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