Iknow you woke up like this, so did I, but the truth is we all have imperfections, including on our skins. So, rather than feel embarrassed by them and consequently permit it to affect your esteem, why not pull out your magic wand (your fingers and/or brush) and apply every girl’s favorite potion: a concealer. But there is a catch, this magic only works when you choose the right concealer.

Like a spell gone bad, not owning and using a suitable concealer is a recipe for catastrophe. Imagine walking around with 3 shades of skin, or worse still, looking like Mmanwu (masquerade). Yup, the wrong concealer can do all these and more.

The importance of concealer in any makeover can’t be over-emphasized. It blots out imperfections and makes your skin pop. The major thing you need to get right is knowing how to choose the right shade of concealer for your…

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