Fashion without a doubt connotes the feeling of empowerment. And for this reason, curating the perfect wardrobe essentials can be key to how best you put it to use. Thankfully, this season’s latest fashion trends offer an array of functional and comfortable options to choose from. The best part? They are also absolutely stylish!

Even more exciting, these wardrobe essentials are as fluid as they are modish. Not only do they elevate your closet luxuriously, but they also create room for versatile outfit decisions. With an intricate play on details like prints, colors, and dimensions, you’ll be set to strut these semi-vaccinated streets like a bonafide style star. Whether you’re a high fashion connoisseur, a boho-chic or sporty slay devotee, you’re in for a treat!

For starters, take a cue from runway fads and some of your favorite trendsetters, some…

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