Since your hair combs come in contact with your hair on a daily basis, it’s a no brainer that over time, they’ll collect a buildup of stuff. Whether that’s dead skin cells, dirt, or debris, they all accumulate so it’s necessary to know how to clean your combs. Of course, I get how busy you are, luckily, these comb cleaning tips are quick and easy anyone can do them.

Clean combs and brushes equal healthy hair as dirty ones certainly lead to scalp irritations and more. Sometimes, that itch in your scalp isn’t the result of a serious medical condition. It could just be a reaction to the not-so-pleasant state of your hair tools. In this case, regularly cleaning your combs and brushes is the only way to prevent the condition from occurring all the time. In order words, there’s no use in treating dandruff and ringworms if you’d only invite them…

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