The resounding silence tightly hugs her as the ink on the paper blots out from the overflowing droplets of tears. The report, once again, is negative. The long sneers at family dinners, sly comments, and curt replies intercept her genuine attempts at breaking the ice. During a short visit, her mother-in-law likened her to a man, which was very far from a compliment. These are words many women with infertility issues can easily relate to.

But it’s not like the husband is left out of this stigma. There have been countless cases of embarrassing comments. Topping the list is the one that echoes that he’s not “man enough,”–– meaning he’s impotent. And those who believe the problem could never be on his side advise that he “better get another woman and fast.”

When the curtains close and the impact of the world’s undue pressure has come to…

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