Skin like milk, makeup on fleek, mustache? Very visible. Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration to call it mustache, but upper lip hair is very normal and totally natural. However, most women are not comfortable with it, thus, the need for frequent waxing. For this reason, we did our research into how you can safely wax your upper lip at home for maximum results.

Of course, waxing can be painful, this is why you must absolutely do it the right way. That is to say, before you run off to your nearest supermarket for a wax kit, you should first get a good knowledge about the subject. So, what’s the cause for upper lip hair?

Cause of upper lip hair

Photo: | Pexels

Just like our skin and eyes, hair is one of those things that make us unique. As varying as our skin tones can be, is also how diverse body hair gets from…

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