While “cakey makeup” sounds delicious, it’s anything but. Cakey makeup simply means you look like there’s a building construction going on on your face with layering definitely not going right, the foundation looking faulty and your face appearing heavy and obviously padded. Who would want that in this era of flawless makeup? No one comes to mind.

Luckily, this huge problem comes with a quick fix! Yes, you don’t have to walk with your head down all day or walk into the bathroom to take everything off in helpless surrender. Cakey makeup is easy to repair and in seconds, which means on the go.

What causes cakey makeup?

Photo: Pixabay | Pexels

There’re a handful of culprits to be held accountable for the cakey makeup mistake. Some of which are:

  • Throwing just any type of foundation into your shopping cart without finding out if it’s your…

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