There’s nothing as annoying as looking into the mirror only to see that unwanted blackheads have taken center stage. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting ‘quietly‘ on the side of your cheeks, behind your ears, or right at the edge of your lips. The fact that it is there is annoying. 

Blackheads are small black-like growths (hence the name) on the skin that happens due to clogged-up hair follicles. They are popular for their mainstream cameo appearances on the face, but can still be found gracing other spots on the body like thighs, back, and chest. They are a milder form of acne and can sometimes be tricky to pop, but don’t worry, it’s nothing a more deliberate skincare trick can’t handle. Inhale, exhale!


Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads form when a hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged or plugged. Dead skin cells and excess oil collect…

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