f there’s one way our mothers monitored our hygiene as young girls, it was that extra scrutiny of our underwear. The bra strap would always give you away and with it came words we’d rather do without hearing.

As grown women, we know the importance of a clean bra and would stop at nothing to ensure they’re sparkling clean. However, when we get sentimentally attached to a favorite bra and though age starts to tell on the bra, we remain unrelenting. Most of us should be charged guilty for the present state of our bras, considering the way we fling them into the washing machine and really can’t be bothered because there’s already a lot life has thrown on our plates.

As understandable as your stance may be, if durability is part of your bra goal then it’s advised that you hand wash your bras so as to keep it in shape. Many who have walked the…

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