Have you stepped out of a building by 1pm on a sunny day? If yes, then you know that the heat emanating from the sun is certainly not a joke. Your skin begins to feel like it is literally burning. Some of us can avoid being under the sun because we spend most of the time indoors, but for those who necessity demands they be out in the sun, you’ve got to protect your skin anyway you can. Wear a hat, use your umbrella, and above all, invest in a good sunscreen. Recipe for homemade sunscreen.

Getting a sunscreen shouldn’t be difficult as a lot of beauty stores online and physical stock up on really good ones. However, if you are into DIYs and natural skincare, you can simply make an all-natural one for yourself. This is really exciting as you get to know every ingredient contained in your product. Talk about au naturel! Homemade sunscreen.

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